Everything in the universe is Energy! "We attract into our world the very things that vibrate at the similar frequencies as us, as our thoughts and our emotional wave-lengths." -Bill Baren Even if we go all sciencey? (if that is even a word) and talk about it in Quantum Physics Terms (yuck), but when we go down, all the way to the sub-atomic level of the atmosphere, all that exists down there is PURE ENERGY!! All energy vibrates and moves at its unique frequency! Everything y

DRINK YOUR WATER PEOPLE! How much does one need a day....

DAILY REMINDER--DRINK MORE WATER PEOPLE! Everyone knows that water is the healthiest beverage on the planet. But did you know that WATER (H20--you Sheldon-ites) makes up 55-60% of the human body?? Most people have no idea on how much or how little of water they drink in a day. Consuming that clear stuff has so many wonderful benefits--- ~flushes out toxins and waste ~keeps skin, eyes, mouth, nose (moisture rich body parts) functioning well ~lubricates and cushions joints ~red

Where do you get your Nourishment from??

"Food" for thought.... ~Nourishment is about much more than just food. What are YOUR thoughts about this? I have been exploring this paradigm (guideline/standard that we hold true) for a couple of weeks now. We "eat" all day long with ALL 5 senses. If nutrition is the process of absorbing nutrients from the food you eat, then consider what you are "taking in" from the world around you ALL DAY LONG! How/Where/ and from Whom do you want to take your nourishment from? Be mindfu

Positive vibes going forward!

Welcome y'all. Welcome to an exciting journey unfolding. Only Positive Vibes are here. I am so very excited to finally share all of this with you! Last month, I officially enrolled and started my journey to become a Certified Health and Wellness Coach along with a dual Certification in Life Coaching! As a Transformational and Empowerment Coach now, I am growing daily to spread and share for others to grow and empower them. I have joined a "tribe" of likeminded individuals who