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Everything in the universe is Energy!

"We attract into our world the very things that vibrate at the similar frequencies as us, as our thoughts and our emotional wave-lengths." -Bill Baren

Even if we go all sciencey? (if that is even a word) and talk about it in Quantum Physics Terms (yuck), but when we go down, all the way to the sub-atomic level of the atmosphere, all that exists down there is PURE ENERGY!!

All energy vibrates and moves at its unique frequency!

Everything you see around you and even things you don't see, vibrate at a unique frequency.

So it is the energy that we create around us that helps us stay in that positive vibration. And if you allow the negative vibrations to surround you, you will emit that energy out into the world.

The amazing thing is that YOU have a choice. Everyday, you decide what kind of energy you want to emit and be a part of.

Challenge time: try this-- The next time someone simply asks "How are you"? Just decide to emit some positive energy and say "Amazing" or "Awesome" or "Fantastic" or whatever POSITIVE VIBE you feel resonates with you and see what energy you immediately get back...You just might be able to change their frequency to match yours!

So Change your Vibration and Change Your Life!

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