Everything in the universe is Energy! "We attract into our world the very things that vibrate at the similar frequencies as us, as our thoughts and our emotional wave-lengths." -Bill Baren Even if we go all sciencey? (if that is even a word) and talk about it in Quantum Physics Terms (yuck), but when we go down, all the way to the sub-atomic level of the atmosphere, all that exists down there is PURE ENERGY!! All energy vibrates and moves at its unique frequency! Everything y

How will YOUR heart feel when you give of yourself??

When asked by an acquaintance of facebook to stand in last minute and run a 5K after her friend bailed, many feelings ensued. It was definitely NOT on my priority list and definitely NOT on the rigid time schedule in my busy weekend ahead especially when we were preparing for traveling out of state the next day. But something inside me said I needed to make the time and since I had thrown it out there in a challenge earlier in the year ("if you ask me to run, I will"), I felt

Where do you get your Nourishment from??

"Food" for thought.... ~Nourishment is about much more than just food. What are YOUR thoughts about this? I have been exploring this paradigm (guideline/standard that we hold true) for a couple of weeks now. We "eat" all day long with ALL 5 senses. If nutrition is the process of absorbing nutrients from the food you eat, then consider what you are "taking in" from the world around you ALL DAY LONG! How/Where/ and from Whom do you want to take your nourishment from? Be mindfu