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When do YOU eat??

Meal timing is our connection to the flow, pulse and meter of the rhythms of nature. Here's the truth about the body and it's connection to a natural rhythm or routine....

Are you ready???

The mind loves FREEDOM, but the body loves STABILITY!

If you can effectively meal TIME and PLAN ahead you could

~Keep Blood Sugar Levels stable

~Trend toward LESS FOOD INTAKE compared to those who eat irregular

~Reduce total cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol

Regular meals will help prevent strong feelings of hunger! If you have strong feelings of hunger it could result in you overeating the next time you eat!


so many questions---let me break it down for you!! (after all that's what I am here to do!)

Rhythms of the body and how they are tied to nature---

In the morning

~The sun rises

~Body temperature begins to rise

~Metabolism is "waking up"

This is why every health expert in the world recommends eating breakfast. BECAUSE you "break" the "fast"! Your metabolism is waking up! When you eat breakfast you're stoking your metabolic fire by adding food/nutrients to your gut. The gut processes the food, metabolism roars, and the energy created, fuels you through your morning!

At noon

~Body temperature has a slow and steady rise until it reaches its peak at noon, coordinated perfectly with when the sun has hit its peak in the sky!

~Our digestive power is "hottest" at lunchtime



~Blood flow and oxygen is re-routed to the digestive system after lunch

~Body temp dips, causing afternoon sleepiness

(Small Healthy snack advised)


~Body Temperature rises slightly again and most people will feel that "second wind"

~Good time to eat a small supper, as higher body temperature helps digestion

9pm and after

~Body Temp takes another downward turn, preparing the body for sleep

~Sun has gone down/telling you to wind down

(EATING A BIG MEAL AT THIS TIME IS NOT ADVISED as it will raise body temp and interfer with high quality sleep)

After 10pm the body is working to detoxify

~if you eat after 10pm the food will BLOCK detoxification, causing toxins to accumulate in the system and, as a result, the next day you wake up tired or feeling sluggish.

SOOOOO what does this mean?!?!?!?!


~Eat like a Queen at breakfast, King at lunch and pauper at dinner

~Eat within an hour of waking up to get your metabolism rockin

~Meal times, if planned right, should only be 4-5 hours apart

~Eat your dinner BEFORE 7pm (or atleast 2hours before you plan to sleep)

Just commit to a regular consistent meal time because what you are really doing is commiting to nouishing yourself, every single day, multiple times a day! It can help your digestion in the long run and keep your body performing at it's best!

Leave me a comment if this resonated with you and tell me if you learned anything new or something that you might try! Just trying to inspire and help those along my journey to get in the know! And knowing is half the battle ;)

Resources: Health Coach Institute

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