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What to pack? SNACKY SNACKS for on the go

Not sure what to pack for that road trip for spring break? Here are a few tips that will keep you on track and away from that guilty stop at the gas station or high priced airport store.


~just like when you pack your clothes for your trip ahead, you need to pack your snacks and being prepared will save you time and money


~most people think they are hungry when they are actually thirsty. Make sure you have a water bottle you can keep refilling either on the road or after the security check point!


~picking up some fresh fruit the days leading up to your vacation will provide you a healthier option for you and your companions

~freeze it! Grapes and strawberries are delicious both frozen or thawed

~oranges travel well and provide that much needed Vitamin C boost you will need being couped up in a vehicle or airplane


~a small serving of nuts will give you a serving of good quality protein and fat..check out the dry roasted varieties


~once again plan ahead and pack a few of your favorite energy or protein bars. They will fill you up instead of that snickers you would be forced to buy!!


~make sure to eat breakfast in the morning so that you aren't "starving"before you begin your journey

~listen to your body! When it's time to eat, feed it! However, take note if you are just bored while waiting for your plane or looking out the window on your car ride. Drink some water or read a book to pass the time (unless you are the driver!!). Only eat if your stomach has true hunger pains!


~even while traveling it is a good idea to log what your intake is. It will keep you honest and trust me, you won't reach for that unhealthy snack if you know you have to log it!!

Traveling can be tricky when it comes to your snack choices. But if you are well prepared and make the honest effort, you will have a more desirable experience. You don't have to eat EVERY meal by the books and it IS VACATION so you can go a little crazy knowing you will jump right back into the normal routine once you return home. But if you are smart about your choices while you are going to or from your destination, while you are AT your destination, you'll be able to LIVE IT UP!!!

Resources Include: Health Coach Institute

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