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Today's mindfulness moment is to

*Accentuate the Positive*

Dr Rick Hanson PhD (American psychologist and mindfulness teacher), points out that the brain has a negative bias.The mind naturally clings to unpleasant experiences in order to "brace" you and protect you from danger.

But by actively seeking out moments of joy, you encourage the brain to shift that bias.

As the saying goes, what you put your attention on grows! If you look for pleasant experiences, you will find them.

So start your day with the intention of finding good things: be a hunter on the lookout for something that brings you happiness.

When you notice anything that makes you happy--whether it is making it through a green light, a call or text from a friend, the sun shining--fully take in that moment.

First notice your mental state. Bring awareness and identify what the experience is in your mind: Calmness, relaxation, contentment, satisfaction, joy....

Connecting to this feeling will want you to naturally seek out more!

Remain open during your day to other joys you may experience, keeping in mind that they don't have to be grand moments of elation.

You can use the subtle moments of contentment and ease.

Leave me a comment below of some sort of joy you experienced throughout your day today that gave you all the feels!

Today, for me, it was a happy smile, while waiting at a stop light, from a little girl who was a passenger in the car next to mine!!

Spreading kindness is free and always accepted!! It made my heart smile and I connected to the moment.

That experience put my mind into a positive state and helped me be more mindful to share my smile to help others find their positive!

It's amazing what great things are out there to focus on when we try! Happy Hunting!

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