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How do we honor hunger? And not get HANGRY!

Honoring hunger is about recognizing what happens internally BEFORE you get hungry.

Instead of waiting until you are SO HANGRY that you could... eat a horse, an entire bag of chips, 6 pieces of toast, whole pint of ice cream, a bag of jellybeans ....You need to tune into the internal signal that the body needs nourishment. And the best part about it is that YOU get to CHOOSE what that nourishment looks like!

If you wait too long to listen to your internal signals, you end up making poor choices because you have lost the intellectual brain power and just NEED FOOD. You get stressed out and you induce a negative state of mind and crave satisfaction from wherever you can get it.

So the key is preparation.

*Do a daily check in with yourself to see when the hunger demon strikes.

*Get to know yourself and when you are the most hungry.

*Plan ahead by keeping high energy and filling foods/snacks around you (in your desk, purse, car) that can be easily accessible.

*Find out WHY you eat what you eat...are you bored? stressed? angry? depressed? are you just eating because everyone else is too???

*Look at eating as a positive experience. You "get to" eat and "choose" what to put in your body.

Choose foods that will serve your purpose and make you feel good about yourself--long term!

Of course it's always OK to have things occasionally that may be considered unhealthy as long as you don't make that the NORM. Don't deprive yourself of things that you enjoy or you will wind up binging and over indulging on it. And then the endless cycle continues.

The point here is to listen to your unique body and what it has to say to YOU. Pick up on the cues of hunger BEFORE you plunge off the deep end. Choose foods that will give your body the fuel it needs throughout the day.

All of this is pretty simply advice we all know. The choice is yours to put it into action. YOU can take control by modifying simple behaviors that will give you a better outcome! Start today and Live your best life!


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